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Mobile Stage Rental Houston Tx

Having a great “centerpiece” for your upcoming outdoor event is critical to be sure your audience can see and pay attention to the main feature of your event. Premier Sound And Lighting’s mobile stage rental service is perfect for making this happen. Whether the band you’re bringing in needs a stage that raises them above the crowd, to a covered stage with plenty of walk space for your graduates to cross on, Premier has you covered. Book your stage with us today.


Outdoor Event Stage Rentals Near Me

We offer professional mobile stage rental services for any type of event in Houston and all other surrounding cities.

It is crucial to have the right stage for your outdoor event. It is important that the stage is appropriate for your event. Based on the importance of the performers or presenters to the event, the size of your stage should match the space.

A Houston mobile stage rental service by Premier Sound And Lighting is an excellent solution for all your needs. A mobile stage is a great option because 1) it takes less time and costs less and 2) they are extremely solid. Most of us have heard horror stories about stages falling apart in severe weather conditions. Promoters not allowing the show to end immediately when they should and putting people in danger or staging companies not adequately securing their stages are the main culprits. Mobile stages have another advantage: it is simply more stable. It is very solid and has a heavy base that holds it down to the ground. It is rare to hear of a mobile stage being damaged. They can be easily transported by truck almost anywhere.

Mobile Stage Rental Near Me
Mobile Stage Rental Cost
Mobile Stage Rental Near Downtown Houston


What Are The Advantages of Using A Mobile Stage?

Mobile stages are easy to set up and takedown. These stages are ideal for venues that require minimal setup or need to be moved quickly after an event. The stages can be set up in as little as 30 minutes or even a few hours from start to finish.

Hydraulic features allow mobile stages to perform most of the setup work. This greatly reduces labor costs for mobile stages. Mobile Stages can be set up by two to four stagehands, rather than an entire crew. These stages come preassembled. The only labor required to install the screens, backdrops, sound, and lighting is for the stage.

How Are Mobile Stages Transported?

All portable mobile stages have additional interior space that can hold all stage components. The stage rental can be transported with all other equipment by one truck. Smaller stages can be transported with a pickup truck, while larger stages can only be carried by semi-trucks. The stages are hydraulically set up and do not require cranes or lifts.

Mobile Stage Rental Cost

The quality of our mobile stages with solid roofs is top-notch.

To compliment any mobile stage rental system, we can provide a complete rentals package that includes sound, lighting, video, generators, dance floor, and more! For help with selecting the right stage and system to suit your next event, contact us today!

Houston’s Leading Mobile Stage Rental Service

Here at Premier Sound And Lighting, we pride ourselves on giving you a premium outdoor stage rental experience. No matter the type of event, from a festival under a tent, big or small concerts, to graduation, we aim to make it memorable. So allow us to take your event by hand, so you can focus on other matters. Our expertise and production are at your disposal. We rent to events all over Texas, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other cities/towns.


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