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LED Screen Rental Houston Tx

Premier Sound And Lighting is a leader in led screen rental which includes led walls for events. We pride ourselves in offering professional quality led screens for your presentation, training seminar, corporate event, or more. Individuals, Businesses, and Non-profit organizations depend on our on-time delivery and set up of custom video walls. Our wide inventory includes the latest 2 x 2 cluster, 3 x 3 video walls, 5 x 5 screen video walls, and higher! Book with us today and receive the Premier experience.


LED Video Wall Rental Service

Led video walls are one of the most eye-catching technologies taking your events to the next level. From social to corporate, all events utilizing led video walls are able to stand out to their guests who have only experienced “normal” events before. With our modular design, we can create led video walls of custom sizes that will meet your needs and budget. Amaze your attendees with vivid images, rich colors, and deep contrast. Your presentations will pop like never before. Our video walls are hi-res, which can be used as main screens, stage backdrops, and much more.

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What Type Of Events Use LED Screens?

Increase your event’s engagement with our LED screen rentals!

As the industry continues to evolve and event production technology develops in Houston, Tx, Premier Sound And Lighting’s ever-growing product lines are here to create solutions for all of your creative needs. While many people consider led video wall rentals to be useful in concert and musical event settings, the truth is that led displays can be used in a wide variety of live event scenarios. In fact, many companies are turning to rental led screens for trade show booths, corporate events, and meetings, as well as live video feeds and recorded videos.

  • Birthdays
  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • And More!!!
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What Does My Rental Rate Include?

  • Setup & Breakdown
  • Custom Screen Rentals (varying on sized desired or needed)
  • On-Site Display Tech

Here at Premier Sound And Lighting, we strive to keep our led screen rentals simple for our clients. We know that you already have enough to worry about it when it comes to putting together your event, from other items you need to rent, displays you need to book, and so much more. So we do our very best to make sure we cover all the bases for you with our screen rentals service. If you need help with a movie or video that you need to display on an led video wall, we have you covered! If you need to get your content moved to a thumb drive to use with a clicker in real time, we have the means to plan it out for you. Premier is all about make sure you have a premium experience.

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Why Use LED Screens For Your Event?

Led screens are capable of displaying stunning high-resolution images and video streaming. Graphics, photos, and videos can be displayed as one large image or multiple images. LED display rental an ideal format for delivering the corporate message and engaging with the audience.
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Our LED Wall Systems Can Be Used Anywhere!

A Screen built with LED technology allows for a more vibrant and colorful image, with greater dynamic contrast.

We don’t discriminate. Whether you are representing a large corporation or hosting a private function or show for your friends we provide support to all types of events. If you want to up the cool factor for your next private party you can’t do better than a massive led screen. You can use it to project what’s happening on the dance floor, project visual pieces that complement the music, or anything else you can come up with. Don’t just book a Houston venue and a DJ, make sure to call us about led screen rental in the Greater Houston area!

 LED Video Screen Experts

With 100s of events and years of experience under our belt, PSL has an incredibly knowledgeable staff when it comes to getting the right use with our led screens. Our screens have a premium grade LED which is guaranteed to make your event POP. However, it’s our experience that we use to make sure your LED display rental is effective and used correctly.

We’ll examine your venue layout and make sure the screen size that you choose to rent will work for your audience, your power source is capable to handle what will be needed to power the display, the video sources that you provide will be able to be displayed on the screen, the order of your program so that we’re all on the same page, and so much more.


Have An Upcoming Party or Function For Your Business? We Can Help! Book Your Screen Rental

We are the # 1 providers of modular LED Display Rental in Houston, TX

Have an upcoming event in Houston? Have you recently search for “led screen rental near me?” Whether it’s a concert, party of any kind, political rally, corporate function – no matter the event, PSL has the right equipment, expertise, and support to handle any led rental/staging request. We rent out a variety of screens and equipment, including our fleet of modular led video walls. No matter if you’re an individual or a business, call us today to learn more about why our led screen rental display expertise makes us your best resource for led display equipment and rental/staging.


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