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DJ Hoyet has an uncanny ability to connect with you and your guests.


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‘Connection’ is the key to legendary entertainment. And that’s what DJ Hoyet brings to the table: extraordinary experience and talent that connects with your guests in an especially intense way.
Also known as “DJ Soulstar, this extraordinary entertainer exceeds expectations at every event.  It’s not just experience and talent that makes a difference, it’s attitude. He cares.
That’s why he’s known as DJ Soulstar, he has soul. Your guests can’t help but feel the connection. Perhaps that’s the reason dance floors fill up so quickly at his events.
His resume and music influences are a mile long.  You’ve seen him at advertised events for Christians Bar and Grill and Komodo’s Pub. In fact, you’ve no doubt seen him all over this sprawling city. He’s in demand.
Premier Sound & Lighting was proud to add him to their roster of exceptional entertainers several years ago. He dazzles with any type of audience, whether a chateau brimming with millionaires or a school gymnasium overflowing with middle schoolers.
Yes, it’s all about connection … and DJ Hoyet knows how to connect!

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